Weekly Review 4th Dec

    This week I had a total of 5 active days, with just a week to go before my 2nd marathon I’m taking it easy with no run being longer than 10k. Although there were lots of hills (kind of hard to avoid in this area) I didn’t push myself until Sunday in which I achieved a 5k pb at a small organized run. I certainly didn’t intend to go flat out a week before a marathon but I found myself in the lead early on and ended up staying there beating of the handful of other competitors (it was a VERY small race) for my first ever win which was nice. My 5k time came in at around 23 mins which goes to shoe how noncompetitive it was!

    In total this week I ran 40km which is probably a bit too much a week before a marathon (for me at least). Next week I will do one or two small runs on Monday and Wednesday. I have no opportunity to run from Thursday – Saturday before the marathon.

    Weekly highlights was a new 13k run I made up on Tuesday around curbar and a shorter run but much more challenging around Mam Tor.

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