Mam Tor Hilly 6.8k

    This is a short but very challenging hilly run starting from near castleton. You can park at the start (there are some pay and display road side parking areas nearby but they only charge on weekends).

    You start of running on tarmacked roads but they quickly deteriorate like they been involved in some horrific earthquake.

    Taking a right turn up a steep grassy bank just before the first style you climb to a large opening with mam tor on your right. Your climb up until now has been quite mild with the most challenging part just about to happen! Climb to the top of Mam Tor (or just follow the hordes of other ramblers. At the peak you will be rewarded with some of the best views in the Peak District (and  as such, the world).

    With the hardest parts behind you follow the roughly paved descent which will almost certainly be blocked by walkers. Thankfully they are easy to dodge with muddy paths on either side. Follow these sort of paths for about 2km stopping to take numerour photos.

    At some point there will be a sharp climb with rough stone on the right and a grassy field on the left. After this you can take a hard right and star the descent.

    Follow the muddy/rough footpaths to the right keeping the farm on your left and you will eventually come out to a paved road with a few cottages and friendly cows. This roughly paved road will, after a few 100m join up with the original road you started your run on.

    Follow this ‘earthquake road’ back down to the car park.

    Total distance: 7000 m
    Max elevation: 493 m
    Min elevation: 271 m
    Total climbing: 338 m
    Total descent: -338 m

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