Curbar Edge

    Curbar Edge is located on the east side of the Peak District a few minutes from the village of Curbar. It is quite expose so not advisable in the wind or wet seasons and it can get quite boggy in places. Parking is available at a national trust car park at the beginning of the route and some people park on the roads just outside it. Just bear in mind to bring cash as a lot of these national trust car parks don’t accept cards.

    Starting of by leaving the car park via the road and crossing to the opposite side where you will find a small footpath leading up a slope. Follow this footpath keeping the fence to your left for just over 1km where it will veer left. Follow this path for about1.5km. If you are lucky you will come across some friendly highland cows which are very used to having their photos taken. Just beware if you are running with dogs as they are often camouflaged by the grass.

    Once you are back on the road that led you to the car park cross over and follow the path that goes slightly of to the right. You can follow this path for about 4km or so, some of the time you will feel as though you are barely on a footpath but stick with it and you’ll come out on a more substantial path. Take a left at the main path with a rough looking wall on your left as you follow this rocky and challenging path down you will come out on to a field for a nice sprint to the road. Crossing this road with the pub to your right you will see another footpath crossing diagonally across a field.

    You should be able to make out a path heading left and you should see another national trust car park to your left. keep following the footpath across a small river and up to the road. On the opposite side of the road is a footpath leading up the a hill. You can now comfortably follow this path all the way back to the car park. You will have some of the best views in the Peak District on your right with loads of selfie opportunities (just don’t get to close to the edge.

    Total distance: 13169 m
    Max elevation: 371 m
    Min elevation: 250 m
    Total climbing: 254 m
    Total descent: -253 m

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