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    parkrun Review: Sheffield Hallam

    A very popular parkrun in the middle of Sheffield. Consisting of 2 laps around Endcliffe Park which is mainly firm pathways and pavement. There is a small climb half way round and a few sharp turns which may make a PB a bit of a challenge, also the sheer amount of people that visit this parkrun will also hinder your performance a bit. In the wet weather this run can get a bit slippery (or maybe that’s just me). Also the final stretch of the lap is down a pavement which means coming head on with pedestrians. Even though announcements […]

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    parkrun Review: Rother Valley

    A popular parkrun located to the east of Sheffield near the m1 making it very accessible to a very large amount of people. This is a very flat parkrun with no need for pesky laps. The only things preventing a PB are the rather ‘pot holey’ footpaths and a very sharp turn near the finish. Also due to it’s popularity it can be difficult making a fast start so make sure you start near the front if you want a good time. Due to the location it seems as though most people drive to Rother Valley, parking is usually charged […]

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    parkrun Review: Sheffield Hillsborough

    Well located on a popular road in Hillsborough, Sheffield this course is very popular with people in the City. Located a stones throw from the Stadium, Hillsborough park is a lovely green area with lots of dog walkers and is popular with locals. This is a 3 lap course starting and finishing in roughly the same spot. For me the biggest challenge is not being lapped by the faster runners which I feel is an achievement in itself, considering the hills and sharp turns. It’s unlikely you will set a PB here as it’s not only very busy but there […]

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