Broomhead Reservoir 10k

    This run starts in the small Village of Ewden. There are several parking spots at the beginning of the run and along the road that runs parralel to More Hall Reservoir. If you end up parking down the road from the start it’s a nice easy jog to the beginning with little road traffic.

    The 10k route follows a mix of woodland paths, trails and unfortunately a bit of road. The roads aren’t too bad and for the most part are quiet but ofcourse you do get the occasional driver doing their best Lewis Hamilton impressions. There are plenty of hills both on the roads and the paths, make sure to take care on the road sections as they are very twisty and some drivers struggle with them.

    To start follow the road across to the opposite side of the reservoirs and follow the path keeping the water to your right. You will follow this for 2km until you hit a footpath veering of to the left, follow this path up the hill until you reach a road, follow this road until you see a signed footpath on the right hand side. As you can see by the GPS file below I struggled to find the footpath here, follow it as best you can across the fields and you will seee a farmhouse on your left, keep going until you make it to the lane.

    Follow this lane as it descends steeply with several twists and turns, when it reaches it’s peak after a hairpin turn there will be a footpath on your right. Again it’s a bit pf a struggle to keep on the footpath and I got hopelessly lost, try to follow it as best you can and you will come out on a much more solid path.

    With a lovely sheep covered hill on your right keep going and the path will merge with another on your left, follow the path on your right for another 1.5km until you come back to Ewden village. Take the road to your right and keep going until you see a narrow footpath to your left going steeply down hill. Follow this and you will come out on to another road which continues down hill and the road where you are parked should be on your left.

    Total distance: 10492 m
    Max elevation: 341 m
    Min elevation: 148 m
    Total climbing: 348 m
    Total descent: -347 m

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